About us

Being a graduate of the Ecole Intuit Lab and the Intuit Lab Pro program means joining a network of over 1,500 alumni working in the design sector. The entire diversity of the community comes together on this platform to share their experiences, offer their services, find a job and seize creative opportunities... all over the world. A great talent pool for professionals looking for their future creative nugget!

Art Director, graphic designer, illustrator, motion designer, UX designer, Design Director, Creative Director, Art Director,... the professions practiced by our alumni are as rich as they are. With different backgrounds, universes and specialties, each of our alumni has deployed their creative singularity in the exciting world of design.

Since its creation in 2001, École Intuit Lab has always been keen to nurture the link with its alumni and students. This proximity between alumni and new talent takes on a new dimension thanks to this platform, which brings this network of passionate creatives to life.

This alumni network is the ideal place to share experiences with alumni, talk about artistic direction, develop projects, find professional opportunities, and post job offers, all of which will help boost your career!